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Item # item-1033, aFX-C Dock Leveler

The aFX-C is an ideal economical solution for applications needing only the basic air-powered Dock Leveler performance benefits.
It incorporates single push-button control with the standard, Gravity-Lip™, high-volume, low-pressure air activation system and standard 60,000 lbs.
Structural semi-automatic dock level support legs.

Functions  · aFX® Dock Leveler Technology  · SafeTFrame™  · Solution for Problem of Stump-Out  · Warranty  · Features


1. Structural, Full-Operating-Range Toe Guards w/ Galvanized Sliders

For maximum safety and strength, toe guards are welded into place and have OSHA safety yellow markings per ANSI standards.

2. Integral Support Strut

Keeps ramp raised for routine maintenance and cleaning.

3. Deck Support Legs

High-efficiency 60,000 lb. structural dock level support legs. Drop-tested to the full rated capacity of the dock leveler.

4. Exclusive SafeTFrame™

Provides superior structural support and level interface with warehouse floor.

5. Unique Lambda Beam Design

Provides better stress distribution, resulting in less wear and fatigue, longer life and less downtime for emergency maintenance.

6. Durable, Reinforced Composite Lifting BAg

Lifting bag with RF welded, reinforced polyvinylchloride- coated polyester fibers operates without loss of performance in temperatures from -65°F to +200°F, even if punctured. The airbag cannot be overinflated (maximum motor pressure is 4 PSI), and has been tested for chemical immersion and rodent damage.

7. Clean Pit Design

All aFX Series Dock Levelers are built with an open frame, clean pit design to provide easy access to the pit floor for cleaning and scheduled maintenance.

8. Integral Lip Lock

Lip Lock keeps lip raised for routine maintenance and cleaning.

9. Self-Cleaning, Lug-Type Hinge

With heavy lugs welded directly to each beam and lip assembly, the Kelley lugstyle hinge design is the strongest in the industry.

10. Exclusive airDefense®

Special airDefense sensor rollers glide along a reinforced cam, purging stump-out and providing fluid, free-float motion along with a measure of free-fall protection in the event of premature trailer separation.

11. Smooth, Reliable Gravity Lip™ Extension

This simple mechanism uses deck weight and gravity to automatically extend the aFX Dock Leveler lip. No manual flip-lip, no hydraulic assist and no adjustments are required. Tested to over 100,000 cycles.

aFX® Dock Leveler Technology

Airbag Lifting Technology

Airbag lifting technology was developed in the ’40s, before hydraulics, as the safety industry commercialized it to raise and stabilize derailed train cars, overturned tractortrailers - even collapsed bridges. It took Kelley’s innovation to bring this same dependable, economical lifting technology to dock levelers, eventually making the aFX Dock leveler the most popular model on the market!

airForce Technology™

Kelley’s patented aFX Dock leveler takes you to the next level of performance. While still delivering all the air-powered pluses we introduced to the industry - simple, durable, clean-running operation, lubrication and adjustment-free activation, plus minimal moving parts - our airDefense® eliminates stump-out, and offers a measure of free-fall protection.
Our airForce Technology (aFX) means there’s no need to install hydraulic dock levelers to obtain stump-out-free operation.



For decades all dock levelers installed in a concrete pit have required an installer to place and weld steel shim under the front and rear frame of the dock leveler in order to level the device and provide longterm support.
This conventional process can lead to install errors as installers are often working under the dock leveler in a cramped environment and may not use the correct size shim and/or weld the shim properly.
The result... the dock leveler can suffer structural fatigue which may lead to expensive repair or replacement.

  • Greater structural strength & durability
  • Eliminates installation issues common with conventional dock levelers
  • Ensures level transition from warehouse floor to dock leveler
  • Eliminates premature structural fatigue due to improperly shimmed/installed dock leveler

Solution for Problem of Stump-Out

Stamp Out Stump-Out!

With airDefense®, our proprietary leg design and free-fall protection system. Special airDefense sensor rollers glide along a reinforced cam, purging stumpout and providing fluid, free-float motion, along with a measure of free-fall protection in the event of premature trailer separation.

aFX includes a standard 1-year parts and labor warranty, lifetime lip hinge assembly warranty, 10-year structural warranty (based on engineering approval of written application information), & a limited 5-year parts and labor warranty on the lifting system (bag, motor, hoses, gaskets, fittings, and seals).


Clean Pit Kit

The patented Clean Pit Kit provides 100% full access for maximum cleaning and maintenance effectiveness. In addition, the aFX Series are the only dock levelers with an activation system designed for outside-the-pit service.

Push-Button Activation

aFX Series Dock Levelers operate on 115V power and a wall-mounted, single push-button NEMA 4x nonmetallic control box.

Horizontally Mounted Fan Motor Assembly

Located and protected safely under the airbag structure, the low-pressure fan features a selfcleaning, filtered, UL-approved, single-speed motor. The fan motor runs on simple 115V, single-phase electricity. No hoses. No clamps. Simple design to reduce service needs.


aFX® Dock Leveler Performance Record
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Integrate Your Kelley Equipment!
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