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Item # item-1115, Serco® Master Control Panels

Serco® Master Control Panels combine the operating controls for all dock devices into one compact panel, drastically improving functionality, productivity, security and environmental control while saving on electrical costs.

Loading docks are busy places, and are becoming busier every day. Naturally, as workloads increase, so does the need for a variety of automated dock equipment to meet those demands effectively. Unfortunately, so much equipment per dock means multiple controls and excessive electrical conduit cluttering up the dock wall, decreasing productivity and increasing installation costs.
The Solution: Serco Master Control Panels. These panels are easy to install, with just one electrical feed per dock, and can improve the functionality of a variety of dock equipment from one convenient location.
Serco Master Control Panels can even control two dock positions from a single panel. Compared to conventional installations of separate control panels, disconnect, power on/off and warning lights, this can save hundreds of dollars in installation costs per dock position. In addition, the all-inone- place convenience of Serco Master Control Panels can drastically improve productivity on your dock.

Serco Master Control Panels can be customized to include a variety of equipment combinations. Whether combining only a few equipment systems into one compact panel or integrating and interlocking all powered equipment into one panel, Serco Master Control Panels can provide effective solutions for virtually any application.

Serco® Master Control Panel Equipment Combinations  · Features

Serco® Master Control Panel Equipment Combinations

Equipment Combination 1

Dock leveler and restraint operations can be integrated into one compact control panel and can be interlocked so that dock leveler will not operate unless trailer is secured by the restraint.

Equipment Combination 2

Dock leveler, restraints and overhead door operations can be integrated into one compact panel to save space and installation costs.

Equipment Combination 3

A maintenance disconnect can be added to cut power to the panel for routine maintenance.

  • Fully Integrates operations for the dock leveler, vehicle restraint, overhead door and other dock equipment
  • Single power source saves field electrical labor and hard wiring costs
  • Interlocks equipment to ensure safe, sequential operation
  • Centralized equipment controls simplify operations
  • Compact panel size optimizes wall space in confined areas and provides a more aesthetic, organized appearance


Serco® Master Control Panel Functions
(PDF, 537KB)

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