• Planned Maintenance Program

    Paul Reilly Company would like to introduce a Planned Maintenance Program (PMP) so beneficial and cost effective that it will increase your worker's productivity and safety along with extending the lifespan of your equipment.

    Increases Productivity While Decreasing Downtime:
    A Planned Maintenance Program ensures proper equipment operation and avoids costly breakdowns. That means employees spend more time being productive on-the-job rather than waiting for time-consuming, unplanned and costly repairs. Our factory trained personnel service your equipment with authorized parts so it adheres to the manufacturer's specifications and does not jeopardize your warranty.

    Creates a Safe Environment:
    When you regulate your equipment, you achieve the safety standard required for quality operation. And reducing any factor of unpredictability makes your work environment safer! The overall result helps prevent OSHA citations and may reduce workmen's compensation claims by troubleshooting any possible equipment hazards.

    Protects Your Investment:
    You want to see a return on your investment. The PMP contract assures your initial equipment investment does not rapidly diminish with the normal wear and tear of typical operations. Not only does the PMP safeguard your investment, it also extends the lifespan and effectiveness of it! Through monitoring your equipment, minor repairs and adjustments executed on a frequent basis forestall costly major overhauls or premature replacement.