Maintaining a Clean, Efficient Warehouse Environment is critical for a growing number of companies operating climate-controlled facilities. Serco’s Vertical Dock Levelers directly contribute to environmental efficiency, security and cleanliness - allowing you to take control of your warehouse.

Serco’s Vertical Dock Leveler can be safely installed either on a shelf or in a pit. Both installations provide the same energy efficiencies and ease of maintenance. So with either choice, the energy savings alone means a positive return on your investment in a short time.
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Control The Environment

N/A When installed with insulated doors, dock seals or inflatable shelters, energy management programs cannot be compromised by air infiltration through the leveler.
  • Insulated door closes firmly on its bottom sill on the building floor, not the dock leveler
  • Patented hinged bottom pad restricts air movement and energy loss even during the loading process

Control Safety

N/A Serco Vertical Dock Levelers’ innovative design provides added safety benefits on the loading dock
  • Leveler stores leaning away from door opening and is fully powered to the loading position. Leveler stops instantly if lower or raise button is released.
  • Run-off guards protect forklift and operator during loading/unloading operations
  • Audible alarm sounds anytime leveler is stopped between stored position and loading range

Control Cleanliness

N/A Serco Vertical Dock Levelers preserve an efficient, clean work environment.
  • Underside of leveler easily accessible for inspection and scheduled maintenance
  • Allow quick, unobstructed access to the pit or shelf for easy cleaning from inside the building
  • Shelf or pit application prevents build-up of dirt or debris
  • Reduces risk of rodent entry
  • Design provides for minimal obstruction to cleaning pit floor

Control Security

N/A Unlike conventional levelers, Serco Vertical Dock Levelers are mounted behind the dock door to maintain essential security.
  • Leveler is stored vertically, providing a tight seal around the doorway, eliminating potential entry and pilferage
  • Can be designed to allow trailer doors to swing into building to further prevent pilferage and enhance security

Energy Efficiency of The Insulated Doors

N/A Serco Vertical Dock Levelers do not compromise the energy efficiency of the insulated doors because they’re installed inside the facility. Vertical-Dock-Leveler_m3.jpg

Conventional Pit-Style

N/A Conventional pit-style designs allow interior energy to escape and outside air infiltration through the pit, compromising efficiency and increasing the risk of spoilage. Vertical-Dock-Leveler_s.jpg

Control Panel

N/A Remote mounted control panel with raise, lower, "quick cycle" lip extend and retract and "mushroom style" Emergency Stop buttons provide complete leveler control. Can be interlocked with other equipment for ultimate efficiency and control. Vertical-Dock-Leveler_m7.jpg

Custom CAD Layout

N/A Custom CAD layout drawings to ensure maximum efficiency and space utilization. Serco-Vertical-Dock-Leveler-Custom-CAD-Layout.JPG

Free Float

N/A When leveler is within 18” of the truck bed, the platform will automatically free float with the trailer to avoid possible damage to material handling equipment. Vertical-Dock-Leveler_m5.jpg

Bottom Pad

N/A Serco Vertical Dock Levelers are equipped with a patented hinged bottom pad which restricts air infiltration when the leveler is operational.

Pump / Motor

N/A The pump, motor and solenoid valves are remote-mounted from the leveler deck. This protects them from forklift damage and chemical wash downs. By making vital components easily accessible and keeping them safe from damage, Serco Vertical Dock Levelers offer a lower lifetime cost of ownership. Vertical-Dock-Leveler_m4.jpg

Serco® Integrated Controls

N/A When integrated with Serco vehicle restraints, Vertical Dock Levelers and other dock devices are prevented from operating until the trailer is firmly locked in place. Vertical-Dock-Leveler_m2.jpg


Shelf Installations

N/A With Serco shelf installations, Vertical Dock Levelers are installed along the edge of a continuous shelf that runs the full length of the loading dock.
  • Provides continuous access.
  • Easiest application to clean and maintain.
  • Simplifies architectural design and construction.
  • Custom stanchions and protective bollards available for controls.

Pit Installations

N/A In pit-style installations, each Serco Vertical Dock Leveler is mounted at the back of a rectangular pit behind the insulated doors, leaving the pit floor accessible for quick and easy access for routine inspection, housekeeping and maintenance.
  • Allows extra space between levelers for product staging and storage.
  • Maintains a clean, uncluttered workplace.