• Exclusive SafeTFrame™ Design
  • Patented Split Box Beam Construction
  • Patented POSI-TRAC® Unlimited Float Hold-down
  • Patented HYDRA CAM™ Automatic Lip Extension
  • CLEAN FRAME® Design
  • Single Adjustment Point Extension Spring Counterbalance
  • High Tensile Steel Lip, Deck and Beams
  • Structural Steel Safety Legs
  • Working Range Toe Guards
  • Below-dock Endloading Capability
  • 16" Lip Standard
  • Grease Fittings
  • Integral Maintenance Strut and Lip Support Latch
  • Heavy-duty B410-14F Dock Bumpers
Unit of Measure


Nominal Width

N/A 7 ft

Nominal Length

N/A 10 ft

Pit Depth

N/A 24 in


N/A 40K 45K


1. General

N/A WS Series hinged lip dock leveler with extension spring counterbalance assembly. Unit conforms to ANSI/MH14.1-1987 performance requirements. Unit to be manufactured by Serco.

2. Construction, Platform Assembly

N/A Platform constructed of high tensile steel safety tread deck plate supported by unique high tensile steel split box beam construction. Structural members fully welded to front header. Deck to be 1/4" thick.

3. Lip Assembly

N/A Lip to be 16" high tensile steel safety tread lip plate with beveled leading edge. Lip to be 5/8" thick on 40K and 45K capacity units. 7’ wide lip tapers to 6’-6" at leading edge (6’-0" taper optional). Lip hinge to have full width structural front header

4. Lip Extension

N/A Patented HYDRA CAM™ lip assist mechanism provides gentle lip activation and reduced walk-down loads.

5. Rear Subframe and Hinge

N/A Rear structural frame consists of a welded structure constructed from 4 structural angle vertical members connecting two horizontal members. The upper rear angle has longitudinal support gussets and additional deck supports to promote structural stiffness

6. SafeTFrame™

N/A Adjustable shim system consisting of four independently operated leveling feet capable of 1-1/2 inches of vertical adjustment each. System eliminates the need for installer to place and weld steel shim stock under the vertical uprights providing more cons

7. Counterbalance

N/A Oil-tempered chromium silicon steel extension spring counterbalance with single adjustment point for high strength, durability, and easy walk-down.

8. Product Finish

N/A Primed, followed by an enamel gray paint finish.

9. Clean Frame

N/A Unique design allows access for easy pit clean out and routine maintenance.

10. "Nite-Lock"

N/A Permanent "Nite-Lock" to prevent unauthorized entry beneath locked overhead door is standard.

11. Structural Center Deck Support

N/A Standard center beam support (5" structural channel) to reinforce leveler for 3-wheel lift truck traffic.

12. The Guard Protection

N/A Working range toe guard protection is provided on both sides of the leveler.

13. Safety Legs

N/A Structural safety legs provide emergency support should a truck depart with a load on the leveler platform. Design incorporates cam mechanism to limit interference from truck float.

14. Integral Maintenance Strut and Lip Support Latch

N/A A permanently mounted, hinged, lockout capable maintenance strut and lip support latch are provided to support the lip and leveler during routine maintenance and pit cleaning.

15. Below-dock Control (Endloading)

N/A Front mounted lanyard facilitates below-dock end loading.

16. Out of Level Compensation

N/A Leveler platform is designed to compensate for canted truck beds up to 4" and rear edge remains flush with the pit to eliminate pinch points.

17. Float Compensation

N/A Allows for vertical carrier deflection when lip is in contact with truck bed.

18. Operation

N/A Serco’s "WS" mechanical leveler shall be supplied completely assembled with platform and lip mechanism and ready for use. Leveler to be operated by pulling release ring at rear of ramp; unit will raise, and lip will extend and hold. No manual lifting requ

19. Installation

N/A Unit shipped completely assembled and ready for installation in pre-formed concrete pit. Pit depth is 20" for 6’ and 8’ long units, 24" for 10’ long units. Pit construction to be in accordance with certified Serco pit detail drawings. Contact Serco for cu

20. Bumpers

N/A Unit to include two model B410-14F (4" Thick x 14" W x 10" H) heavy-duty bumpers.


Limited Warranty

N/A Limited parts and labor warranty on all components under normal use for a 1-year "Base Warranty Period" beginning on the completion of installation or the sixtieth (60th) day after shipment, whichever is earlier. Additional limited 4-year parts only warra


Available Options

  • Factory Installed Brush Weatherseal
  • Factory Installed Neoprene Weatherseal
  • 18” Lip
  • 20” Lip
  • 24” Pit Conversion
  • Spray Foam Insulated Deck
  • Full Operating Range Toe Guards
  • Lip Taper
  • Box Option (For installation without preformed concrete pits, dock leveler supplied with integral pre-formed steel box for pourin-place construction. Leveler shall be in an enclosed steel box structure complete with its own six-piece, welded structural curb angles and concrete anchors. The leveler is to be concreted in place as the floor is poured.)

Bumper Options

  • B410-14
  • B610-14
  • B610-14F
  • VB420-11F
  • VB420-11 Steel Faced



  • PitBull® SAFETY-LOC® Restraint
  • SLP Recessed Restraint
  • Universal Truck-Chock™ Wheel Restraint
  • SAFETY-CHOCK® Wheel Restraint
  • ALS Light Communication System
  • MLS Light Communication System