With an average speed of over 101 inches per second and an extraordinary insulating capacity, the Turbo-Seal Insulated door is the definitive solution for cold storage environments. The revolutionary door is built on the proven Turbo-Seal platform for unmatched reliability and lasting performance.

Extremely Fast and Quiet
Peak speed of 182" per second with an unrivaled average speed of 101" per second - the highest average opening speed of any insulated roll door available.

System 3® Controller
Easy to set-up, operate and maintain with total digital control and self-diagnostics. AC drive for soft starting, soft stopping and attaining higher speeds with smoother motion.

Rilon™ Thermal Panel
One-inch thick, closed-cell foam panel is laterally-rigid and horizontally flexible. Non-porous, moistureproof vapor barrier for uniform performance.

Perimeter Seals
Quad Seals™ in the side columns provide double seals on the front and back of the panel. Double brush seals combined with the idler barrel seal the top of the door. The pneumatic chambers compress for a tight seal along the bottom of the door.

Thermal Breaks
Total thermal breaks built into the header, side columns and bottom bar minimize conductive thermal energy transference.

No Heated Defrost
Virtually frost-free without any heated defrost system - no costly heated air, heat tape or heat lamps.

Upon impact, the selfrepairing system automatically resets and restores the door panel in just seconds without any human intervention.

Thru-beam photo eyes and a pneumatic reserving edge are standard. Standard threshold warning lights indicate when door is closing. Ry-Wi™ wireless eliminates coil cords for safety.
Unit of Measure

Size & Dimensions


N/A 12 ft

Max. Height

N/A 16 ft

Headroom above Lintel

N/A 40.5 in

Head Projection

N/A 42.6 in

Side Column Width

N/A 5.50 in

Side Column Projection

N/A 13 in

Side Clearance Motor Side

N/A 16.13 in

Side Clearance Non-Motor

N/A 8.13 in



N/A Lifetime warranty on counterweights One year parts and labor limited warranty on materials and workmanship



N/A Custom paint colors Door activators and accessories



  • Panel Breaks-Away™ after impact from either direction
  • No human intervention or door downtime
  • Instantly self-repairs and resets automatically

Engineered for Speed

  • 101" per second average opening speed (based on 16' door opening in 1.9 seconds)
  • 182" per second peak speed
  • Counterbalance with heavy duty strapsassists motor and reduces energy consumption
  • Idler barrel assembly enables higher speeds, smooth motion and a tight seal along the top

System 3® for Control

  • Digital speed adjustments, auto close timers and delays
  • Programmable or factory-set parameters (i.e. closing speed set at 30" per second)
  • AC drive for variable speed control, soft starting and stopping
  • Absolute encoder for exact positioning without mechanical limit switches
  • Self-diagnostics for trouble shooting
  • Using only three buttons, the Turbo-Seal Insulated door is easy to set-up, operate and maintain with the System 3 controller.

Rilon™ Thermal for the Cold

  • 1" thick insulated panel
  • Uniform thermal performance from edge to edge
  • Rilon inner core
  • Closed-cell foam outer layers
  • No heat-sealed pockets, stitching, spun insulation or quilted pads
  • The revolutionary Rilon Thermal panel is heavy-duty, rip-resistant and extraordinarily resilient

Thermal Breaks for Total Separation

  • Structurally integrated thermal breaks prevent energy transference
  • Located in header, side columns and bottom bar
  • Plastic composite bottom bar eliminates conduction

Perimeter Sealed against Filtration

  • Quad Seals™ on panel
  • Double brush seals with idler barrel seal top edge
  • Compressed pneumatic chambers seal bottom edge
  • No heated or inflated air seals
  • Quad Seals (red highlights) provide double seals against the front and back of panel from top to bottom

No Heated Defrost

  • Virtually frost-free due to the insulated thermal panel, tight seals and thermal breaks
  • No heating elements are required - no heated air, heat tape or heat lamps
  • For high humidity applications, high efficiency air blowers help maintain frost-free operation
  • Conventional defrost systems use significant energy to eliminate frost build-up.


  • Standard dual thru-beam photo eyes
  • Standard sensitivity-adjustable, pneumatic reversing edge
  • Standard Ry-Wi TM wireless system
  • Standard threshold warning lights
  • Optional Ry-BeamTM safety light curtain
  • Standard threshold warning lights (amber and red) located on side columns indicate door is closing