The industry’s most rugged door, providing total knockout protection for facilities with:
  • Moderate to severe panel damage
  • Moderate to severe track damage
  • Higher wind load requirements
Unit of Measure

Design Benefits

Design Benefits

  • Full height 12 gauge galvanized steel track standard
  • 1 - 3/4” thick insulated, foam core panel with damage resistant polymer interior panel skin (2-year performance warranty)
  • Heavy-duty, retractable plungers allow door to release from the opening upon impact
  • Tight perimeter weatherseal incorporates a brush seal and loop seal to eliminate air infiltration and light gaps. Both are attached to the panel versus the door jamb, keeping it out of harms way to provide a consistent seal

Common Options


N/A Provides total protection against the most abusive impacts, available in 3', 6' or full height. 5-year impact warranty.


Cruiserweight™ Impact-A-Track™

PowerHouse™ Panel

N/A Polycarbonate interior facing provides superior protection against severe impacts. (2-year Impact Warranty) Cruiserweight-PowerHouse-Panel.JPG

Wind Load Package

N/A Provides added protection to keep facility and product secure during high wind events. (Wind load certification results available on request) Cruiserweight-Wind-Load-Package.JPG

Non-Insulated Panel

N/A 3/4" thick, 7-ply wood core panel durable enough to handle heavy impacts. Cruiserweight-Non-Insulated-Panel.JPG