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Level Loaders - Powered Palletpal®

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When loads, weights, pallet sizes or product dimensions vary greatly, a Powered PalletPal® with total operator control is the solution. A foot control allows the operator to adjust the load to an infinite number of positions up to 32 3/4" (plus pallet), so it is always at the most comfortable height for loading and unloading. The manual turntable allows quick and easy rotation of the load so that the operator is always working on the near side, eliminating reaching, stretching and walking around. Built-in fork pockets provide both ease of portability and additional stability.

Powered PalletPal Level Loaders are available in two styles. The Hydraulic Powered PalletPal works on standard 115V power and is available in 2,000 and 4,000 lb. capacities. The Pneumatic Powered PalletPal operates on shop air. A heavy-duty airbag positions pallet loads weighing up to 4,000 lbs. with as little as 80 psi.

Capacity is not a lifting capacity. These airbag actuated machines are dedicated to pallet positioning applications. The capacity denotes the maximum weight of the fully loaded pallet that is appropriate for each model.

Foot controls position the load at any height within the unit’s working range.

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Item #

Lift Mechanism


Turntable Diameter

Lowered Height

Raised Height

Approx. Shipping Weight

PPH2-24 Hydraulic 2,000 lb 43 5/8 in 8 3/4 in 32 3/4 in 700 lb
PPH4-24 Hydraulic 4,000 lb 43 5/8 in 8 3/4 in 32 3/4 in 760 lb
PPA2-24 Pneumatic 2,000 lb 43 5/8 in 9 1/2 in 33 1/2 in 640 lb
PPA4-24 Pneumatic 4,000 lb 43 5/8 in 9 1/2 in 33 1/2 in 660 lb
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1 
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