Summer's heat can often drive you to open your overhead loading dock doors, just to keep your employees comfortable and working. But this also provides an open invitation to every bird, bee, mosquito, and rodent in the vicinity. Open dock doors can also lead to the loss of your valuable goods and inventory. If you need a cost effective way to add security, pest control, a rodent and bird barrier along with ventilation to your facility - consider The Bug Blocker® overhead screen door.

The Bug Blocker® Overhead Loading Dock Screen Door is added to your existing overhead door system. Using your present door's vertical tracks, we add a switch mechanism, a second set of horizontal tracks, and a ventilating screen door with stainless steel wire mesh that meets Federal Specification Standards. A fine screen mesh size for food industry applications is also available!
The Bug Blocker® lets the cool breezes in, and keeps nasty pests and insects out. The Bug Blocker® Product Family will aid your AIB, ASI, HACCP, IPM and Homeland Security Programs.
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item-1148 N/A High Lift
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item-1151 N/A Side Sliding
item-1152 N/A Rolling Steel
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