Loading dock accidents can have serious consequences for any company - both in physical injuries and financial obligations. Yet, in many cases, they can be prevented with proper safeguards. Common accidents include:
  • Forklifts driving off the dock because a vehicle leaves before loading or unloading is completed.
  • Vehicles creeping away from the dock as forklifts continually move in and out during loading or unloading, creating a dangerous gap between the vehicle and the dock.
  • Collapse of trailer landing gear due to constant rocking motion of forklifts moving in and out during loading.
Kelley offers a full range of safety products designed to prevent these types of costly accidents.

Kelley Star® Vehicle Restraints - Superior Performance To Satisfy OSHA And Your Bottom Line.
When it comes to restraining vehicles and vehicles during loading and unloading, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) is very clear: All vehicles must be restrained during loading and unloading (Requirement 29 CFR 1910.178 (k) (1))

The responsibility clearly rests with the employer.
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Item #

Item Name

Communication System  

item-1054 N/A Manually Operated Star®1 Vehicle Restraint N/A
  • Caution sign is mounted outside, for vehicle drivers.
  • Warning sign is mounted inside, for dock workers.
item-1055 N/A Manually Operated Star®2 Vehicle Restraint w/ Sensor Bar System N/A
  • Exclusive sensor bar system
  • Interior LED light display for dock workers.
  • Exterior LED light display for vehicle drivers.
  • Caution signs for inside and outside the dock.
item-1056 N/A Linear Actuated Star®4 Vehicle Restraint N/A
  • Exterior instruction sign for vehicle drivers.
  • Operating instructions printed on control panel.
  • Exclusive sensor bar automatically senses and communicates the actual contact between the throat of the restraint arm and the vehicle’s rear impact guard.
  • Interior & exterior LED red/green communication lights.
item-1057 N/A Hydraulically Activated Hidden Hook™ Vehicle Restraint N/A
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